Perge’s mission is to give a complete service to our clients in Offshore field and to anticipate and customize clients’ needs by providing truly personalized and efficient service with the competitive price wise as well. The offshore market which is a new and fast growing market in Turkey, our team is well experienced and we are one of the best companies in this field. We can provide a realistic customs and can assist in any other local legal procedures as well as finding solutions to any sophisticated situations.

During offshore operations, our main job is connect vessels & rigs to shore bases. We are following latest Technologies and other applications over the world. Mostly drilling depths in Turkey are not more than 90 m and 20 nm away fm shore. In order to make a fast and safe link from shore bases to Project areas, we have 5 fast HDPE boats in our inventory. All boats are produced in our facilitiy in Istanbul. We have completed certification and registration by Turkish Lloyd. We are making all kind of logistic services with our boats which fully euipped and adapted for Offshore operations.

  • Strait passages of jack-up units and any other offshore platforms, floating cranes..etc
  • Temporary import & export formalities
  • Customs & any other official applications to Government Offices on behalf of Owner’s or Operators according to the project requirements
  • Working permitts of platforms, AHT’s,OSV,PSV…i.e. and their crew members
  • Crewing , provision, fresh water&bonded store supply
  • Bunker & Lub-oil supply service
  • Technical/engineering supplies ,
  • Safety & Fire fighting equipments inspection/annual survey
  • Consultancy Services
  • Diving & underwater Services
  • Helicopter services
  • All type of ship repair & construction facilities on board & ashore
  • Repair, Overhauling & Technical Maintenance of all type of M/E & Auxiliary Engines
  • Technical / engineering supplies
  • Temporary import/export formalities and to obtain working permits