PERGE DENIZCILIK ve GEMI ACENTELIGI LTD.STI. takes it as a principle to become a reliable company in all aspects which meets customer demands by overresponding to them in accordance with the vision of the company. The main target is always customer satisfaction, and the fundamental principles are to be solution partner in Maritime and Shipping Agency services, Onshore and Offshore Construction Consultancy and Agency services, and Load Logistics services and, in such direction, to accept customer complaints and to provide a service policy.

In this sense, the measurement of customer satisfaction and the evaluation of customer expectations are accepted as the reference points for prospective improvements and we work with all our might to be a pacemaking institution in the industry with our pioneering quality.

In this context, we are a family with all our employees. All the members of this family are responsible for acting in compliance with moral and human values in a team spirit. Our fundamental policies are to apply in-house customer satisfaction, efficiency, team work and continuous improvement activities, to comply with all environmental regulations, administrational arrangements and other conditions, to ensure recycling of our wastes as much as possible, to research and develop and implement methods in this direction, to prevent environmental pollution, and to perform continuous improvements in our activities and processes related to these.